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Are you new to the vaping world or recently quit the ciggies? We’ve got a whole section of learning resources to get you up to scratch with vaping. Learn about:
– Nicotine Levels and which you may need
– Types of Nicotine and what Nic Salts are
– Vape Juice Ratios are and which ratio you need
– Resistance Levels and what Sub Ohm means
– What happens to your health when you quit smoking

There might be be something in there for you Vaping Veterans too!  

Sub Ohm Section

Vaping Veterans – Keep up to date and stay in the know with the Sub Ohm Section of our Learning Centre! Learn about:
– How to clean your tank, and why you should
– How to make coils last longer
– How to make Juice last longer
– How to Build your own coils
– What is Ohms law and when does it apply to you
– What vape mods to use, and when to use them
– and many other topics! 


OUTTHEBOX is Smooth Vapourz’ unboxing and explanation section. We get new kits in all the time, and we need to know that they’re good enough for you. This is where we take new kits out the box and put them through their paces. We tell you what you get in the box, how to assemble and disassemble kits, how to change the coils and add the juice. We’ll explain any settings, and for brand new kits we even put them to the test – we’ll tell you how long coils last and how fast batteries charge!

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