CBD Oil – What is it for?

CBD oil, or Cannabidiol oil, is a product that’s derived from hemp, but unlike traditional marijuana, doesn’t have any of the substance that creates the “high” effect – that’s down to another cannabinoid, known as THC. There’s some controversy in the west about cannabis products because of recreational marijuana use, but for the past decade or so there’s been many studies proving more and more definitely that CBD has health benefits. Here’s 6 of the main health benefits CBD can have. 

The first is Anxiety relief.

CBD has been shown to help anxiety and researchers think that it works by changing the way your brain receptors respond to serotonin, which is a chemical linked to mental health. One study found that a 600mg dose of CBD helped people with social anxiety give a speech, for example. Other studies suggest that CBD may also help anxiety sufferers by reducing stress, decreasing the physiological effects such as increased heart rate, improving symptoms of PTSD and aiding in getting regular sleep. 

Next up is with seizures. 

CBD has been identified as a possible treatment for epilepsy, though research is still in its early days. Research is currently being done looking into how much CBD is able to reduce the numbers of seizures in people with epilepsy. A study from 2016 worked with 214 of these people where, in addition to their regular medication, participants were given doses of CBD. Overall, participants had around a 37% decrease in the amount of seizures they had per month. 

CBD as a Neuroprotective.

Researchers are currently looking at a specific receptor, known as CB1 to learn about the ways that CBD could help people with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, MS, Parkinson’s disease and Stroke. It’s thought currently that CBD oil can reduce the inflammation which can make neurodegenerative symptoms worse, and more research is being done to fully understand how CBD can help neurodegenerative disorders and diseases.

CBD as pain relief

The effect of CBD oil on your brain’s receptors can help you deal with pain, which is probably what most people use it for. Studies have even shown there are some benefits when taking CBD after cancer treatments including chemotherapy. Research is looking positive and is still being done around arthritis, chronic pain, MS pain, Muscle pain and Spinal cord injuries. 

Anti Acne modification

CBD is known to reduce inflammation in the body, and in turn it may offer benefits for acne management too. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD oil prevented activity in sebaceous glands. These are the glands responsible for producing sebum which is typically a natural oily substance that hydrates the skin, however too much of it creates acne. 

CBD as a cancer treatment

Cancer: both CBD and THC have been studied for their effects on treating cancers and many, including this study, have shown that they help deal with the effects of cancer treatment, as well as the negative effects created by the cancer. What’s more is that they were found to “exert anticancer actions”, such as regulating tumor growth, inducing cancer cell death, reduce cancer cell migration and inhibit tumor angiogenesis. Tests are looking promising, and more research is being done on this topic – tests are in phase 1 and phase 2. 

So how do you use CBD oil? 

Vaping is the fastest way to receive the benefits of CBD, and juices have been created to allow this (You can see our range here). However, you can also put CBD oil in your drinks or add it to food, or you can simply place it on your finger and put it under your tongue. You can even make beauty products out of it!

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