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Welcome to Smooth Vapourz Hartlepool! Your home for quality kits, delicious juice and a ridiculous library of replacement coils and spare glass for your tanks. 

We set up shop in 2013 and have been Hartlepool’s leading vape shop ever since! We’ve got the biggest range of Vape Juice in Hartlepool and most fit into one deal or another. Our main deals are:
– 3x 50ml Vape Juice for £10
– 3x 50ml Vape Juice for £15
– 3x 100ml Vape Juice for £20
– 2x Premium 50ml Shortfills for £19
– 2x Premium 50+100ml Shortfills for £20

We run competitions regularly on Facebook where you can win money to spend in store, complete set ups, kits and juices or a bulk supply of juice – follow us on Facebook here to see when the next competition is running! 

Smooth Vapourz - Hartlepool Vape Shop

Smooth Vapourz Hartlepool - Best Selling Vape Kits

TECC Arc 5 Kit

We’ve sold the Arc series since the original Arc, and each time we’ve loved the improvements! Variable Wattage means you can turn the power up or down, the TECC tank is one of the best MTL tanks around and the large battery means it’ll happily keep you vaping all day every day!

Arc 5 Kit

Endura T18E

The T18E is a simple pen vape that’s a staple to our stock of starter kits. So much so that we’d don’t even have to market it, most T18E sales (and there’s a lot of them) start with “My friend has a T18E and I want one”. They’re simple, stylish and has just one button to operate it. 

endura t18e

Aspire Pockex

The Pockex is in the spot where it rivals the T18E. Truth is they’re similar but different, and it’s all in the coils. The Pockex is a bit more powerful with it’s 0.6ohm coils compared to the T18E’s 1.5ohm coils and will kick out more vape with a looser airflow. That said, more isn’t always better and some prefer the tight draw of the T18E but if you dream of big clouds while you’re still stuck on high nicotine, the PockeX can bridge that gap slightly. 

Aspire Pockex

Endura T22 Pro

The T22 Pro is Innokin’s answer to the Arc 5. It’s two steps up from the T18E but uses the same, much loved coils. The upgrade gives you USB C fast charging and a much bigger battery, as well as 4 power levels to adjust the performance. 

Endura T22 Pro Kit - Smooth Vapourz

Smok Nord 2

Here’s a curve ball. The Smok Nord 2 fits in the palm of your hand. It offers discreet and stylish vaping and there’s 3 coils available. The 1.4ohm is best suited to those who’ve JUST quit smoking, after a while you can drop down to the 0.8ohm for a bit more of a kick, and then the 0.6ohm coil to be pleasantly surprised by the performance of this finger length pod vape. 

Smok Nord 2 Purple

Geek Vape Geek Bars

Geek Bars are ideal for beer gardens or for testing the waters with vaping before you quit – they’re disposable! 600 puffs of 20mg (high strength) nicotine lets you try vaping without buying a full kit. 


Geek Vape Geek Bar Blueberry Ice

Smok T-Storm

The Smok T-Storm is a Star Wars inspired kit with an impressive wattage range of 220w. It requires two 18650 batteries that’ll keep you going all day and comes with Smok’s impressive V2 tank which is one of our favourites! The V2 A1 single mesh coils run at up to 130w and generate huge amounts of cloud for an awesome sub-ohm experience. 

smok t storm kit silver smooth vapourz

Smooth Vapourz Hartlepool - Best Selling Vape Juice

Vampire Vape - Heisenberg

Vampire Vape is one of the staple brands of Smooth Vapourz – It’s what we’re known for! These excellent flavours (including the Original Heisenberg and Pinkman) have been with us for 7 years now! They fit perfectly in our £4 each, 3 for £10 or 4 for £13 deal!

vampire vape heisenberg 10ml

Pukka Juice- Blaze

Pukka Juice is a range of our 50mls that we don’t have to market on at all, they sell themselves! Blaze is the staple flavour for Pukka Juice’s entire range, and it features blueberries, raspberries and a cool menthol hit! They’ve sat on their own for £11 for a long time in the store and have sold well, but we’ve recently added them to our two for £19 deal to keep the savings coming for our awesome customers!

Pukka Juice - Blaze - 50ml vape juice - Smooth Vapourz

Vape 5050 - Double Menthol

Our main sellers for 10mls are Vampire Vape, but we decided to bring in a budget range to help hit a better price point for our customers. So we bring you Vape 5050, it’s half the price of Vamps and you can save more when you buy 10 bottles! There’s a big range of flavours but Double Menthol is the one our customers love most. 

Vape 5050 - Double Menthol - 10ml e-liquid - Smooth Vapourz

Vice Vapour - Brain Freeze Blue Menthol

Vice Vapour is a strange one, in that we could take everything off the site except for Blue and Red Vice and we’d still be making sales across the country as those who try Vice, love Vice. In the Hartlepool vape shop it’s not as popular, but that’s probably because we’ve got Pukka Blaze right next to it!

Blue Vice Smooth Vapourz

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