How To Choose Your First Vape

The benefits of quitting smoking are numerous and key to living a better life, for a full rundown of how and when you’ll feel better can be found here, as a timeline from your last cigarette. We’ve also shown how vaping is a much safer way to get your nicotine fix, and can be an amazing tool to help you quit without going cold turkey. Studies have shown that vaping is almost twice as effective as other Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) in helping you quit the cigs for good. So where do you begin? It’s time to choose your first vape!

Mouth To Lung or Direct To Lung?

When you’re shopping for your first vape we can split how you use the device into two categories, either Mouth To Lung or Direct to Lung. Mouth To Lung (MTL) devices are more common with new quitters, as the use is similar to that of a cigarette. You draw vapour from the device into your mouth, and then inhale from there, whereas larger devices such as mods operate Direct to Lung (DTL), where you just inhale straight off the bat. There’s several different types of e-cigarettes, so let’s dig into which types of vapes fall into which category. 

Types of vape

For the first type, we’re lumping Cigalikes and closed Pod systems together because although they’re styled differently, they operate in much the same way. These vapes are a great way to try the switch over from smoking to vaping, and are often inexpensive to start with as well as both convenient and easy to use. 

Cigalikes look quite similar to tobacco products such as cigarettes, giving them their name, and this is why new quitters are the most likely to opt for this style in addition to the method being the same – this gives users the familiar experience of smoking while they’re actually vaping. They can be disposable or rechargeable.

Pod vapes are similar in that they too consist of just a rechargeable battery, a disposable ‘pod’ which contains the nicotine in the form of an e-liquid, and a heating element that produces the vapour, known as a ‘coil’. They’re discreet and don’t produce much vapour, and most are activated by what’s known as “auto-draw”. This means that they don’t have buttons – instead they switch on when you place them to your mouth and inhale. 

Like all things, there are benefits and drawbacks when it comes to this type of vape. While they are widely available, inexpensive, both lightweight and portable as well as easy to use, the compact design of them means that battery life is lower, as is vapour production. Heavy users will find that they need multiple charges and sometimes even multiple pods to get them through the day. This type of user would be best off with something a little bigger.

Pen vapes (Disposable vs non-disposable)

Vape pens are longer and look like a pen or a small tube. They often have a battery compartment at the bottom, with replaceable coils and a glass tank at the top. These are the styles that you’re most likely to find at a petrol station. There are two types of pen vape – disposable and non disposable. The pen can be split into two sections. The first of which is the bottom half, this houses the batter and will have the button and the charging port on it. 

Typically you press the button 5 times to turn it on, and 5 times to turn it off. The button also typically has a light indicator which shows the battery level through either red or greed, or red, orange and green. 

The second half, or top half, contains the tank which houses the liquid, the coil which heats the liquid, and the mouthpiece. Disposable vape pens have this whole section as one part – when you’re done, you take the whole top section off, dispose of it, and replace it with another. The non-disposable version of this allows you to add juice when needed, and also change the coil if you burn it before your juice is gone. The non disposable version often gives you a better, more consistent vaping experience.

Over time with use, the vaporisation of the eliquid will reduce the effectiveness of your heating element and the wicking material in the tank. As a result you will notice less vapour production and less pleasant flavour. As a rough guide, a vape tank without a replaceable coil will need to be replaced every 2 weeks with regular use. You just dispose of the entire tank and replace with a new one. 

Box mod – regulated/unregulated

Box mods are the main tools used to vape, they’re the type with the box containing the batteries and the switch and usually a screen to adjust the wattage/voltage or even sometimes to a temperature you want. They then have a tank on top, with the coil inside.

Box Mod Vapes are typically bigger than the other vaporizers or e-cigarettes that we’ve mentioned and they get their name due to their box-like appearance. These vapes come with an insane amount of customizability, making them the best choice for people who aren’t getting their nicotine needs satisfied with the pods and pens. 

You can change your batteries for longer lasting ones or simply replace them when they’ve worn down. There’s thousands of different tanks out there and some builds don’t even house the juice – these are dripper tanks and you simply drip the juice onto the cotton inside the coil. These tanks allow you to switch flavours quickly. 

They also allow you to change the intensity by adjusting the wattage so by using the same box mod, with the same tank and coil, you can choose whether you want smaller doses of vape and let your coil last longer, or you can create plumes of vape and have your coil burn out faster. You might be thinking “who’d want to burn them out faster?

Aren’t they expensive to replace?”. Well, when you move up to box mods you can even make your own coils and there’s a huge online presence for DIY Coil making, meaning you can teach yourself how to make your own coils with just a few hours practice. When you make your own, coils go from costing £2-£4 each to pennies each – you just buy a small spool of wire and some cotton. With big clouds, comes big flavour. 

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