How To Make Vape Juice Last Longer

Times are hard in 2020. Some of us are out of work, some of us can’t just take a trip to the shops and some vape shops have even had to close their doors. While there are definitely more pressing issues, we’re here to give our two cents. Whether your weekly budget includes a few 50mls or a few 10mls, here’s how you can save money with vape juice and make it last longer.

First grab a bargain

First things first, the easiest way to either decrease your vape budget, or increase the value you get from your budget, is to find the sales and discounts. To give you an example, we’ve got a shameless self-plug (sorry). The Squad is a range of 200ml vape juices, ranging from fruity to sweet to breakfasty treat. They’re supposed to be £22, we launched them at £15 and as an effort to give our customers the best deal, we’ve cut the price by almost half. £8 for 200mls. Scour the internet and find yourself a bargain, that £16 you could have spent on a bottle of 50ml “premium liquid” just became 400mls of juice from us, winner!

A good reason to stock up is because of shelf life – for vape juice you can leave it in your cupboard or a drawer for up to two years and it’ll be fine. Be careful though to avoid sunlight or heat – vape juice will lose it’s flavour over time if kept next to your window!

Increase your Current Vape Juice bottle’s Life

Let’s say you’ve just been to the shop, you’ve only got 50mls for the rest of the month and the rest of your budget, rightfully so, is going on food and keeping warm as we enter the winter months. How do you get the most out of that?

The first step is to increase your nicotine, which is something we usually try and stop you doing so you can beat nicotine for good. There’s some method in this madness though – if you’ve got more nicotine in your e-liquid, you’ll become satisfied quicker. Having a 10 minute vape break with a 3mg could be cut down to four or five minutes instead with a 6mg, but bare in mind the juice will give you more of a throat hit the higher in strength you go. Another benefit of this is that you’ll have more juice to vape, obviously adding a 10ml shot increases your juice amount by 10ml!

While we’re on the topic of vape breaks, that’s the next step!

Take a break

Many people are now working from home – a place where it’s easy to pick up your vape and go full ham on it. Not great for MPH (mils per hour, we’re coining that. It’s ours.). Instead take your vape to the outdoors or a specific other room away from where you work. Instead of having your vape by your side ready to go whenever you stop typing, go outside for your break or to another room. You’ll save on vape juice and battery life through the day by just vaping less often.

Take it down a watt

Most higher end vape products come with adjustable wattage. Many would assume this is because there may be different coils that fit into that kit, and in most cases, such as the Drag X and it’s 6 coil variants, this is true. However, this also lets us turn down the vape. Higher watts will go through more juice and also take a bigger toll on your coil. If your coil is rated to run between 90w and 100w, try it at 90w instead of 100w. You’ll save on juice and your coil will last longer! You could even go lower as long as it still hits your nicotine needs – we suggest opting for this option in addition to bumping up the nicotine levels of your juice to tag team this method!

In addition to lowering the wattage, you could also opt for a higher ohm. More ohms equates to less wattage, this is why the 0.15ohm PnP coil will blast out plumes of vape at 80w but the Arc 5’s 1.5ohm coil can fill your boots at 12w with a high nicotine strength. Bear in mind the throat hit won’t be the same – going from a starter kit to a mod is quite a curveball in terms of how it feels to vape, and going the opposite way is just as strange. Instead of drastic changes, just opt for going up a step in ohms, trade the 0.15ohm for a 0.2ohm or 0.3ohm coil instead.

Top Tips

Lastly, here are some tips and tricks for going into conserving your juice.

First off, buy in bulk. You can often save money overall when you buy multiples – it’s why we only sell packs of coils rather than individuals. Bulk buy your juice and bulk buy your coils to get the best prices.

On the topic of coils – change your coils as soon as the flavour decreases – by the time your cotton is burnt it’s already degraded and it’ll be letting more vape juice pass through between the weakened fibres. This leads over time to flooded tanks – and wasted vape juice.

Going further than that, clean your tank after 2 or 3 coil changes. It wont do a whole lot in conserving your vape juice, but it’ll keep your juice looking fresher and tasting great for a while longer. As coils break down and vape juice gets caramelised by hot coils, it creates sticky burnt vape juice which clings to the inside of the tank and tarnishes any fresh juice you put in, even after a coil change.

We’ve got a guide on cleaning your tank over here, it’s worth a read!

Thanks for reading guys, we hope some of these methods help you survive the lockdown seasons even if it’s just being marginally better off financially. A quid’s a quid after all!

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