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OUTTHEBOX – Dovpo x Vaperz Cloud – Odin 200w Mod

The Odin Mod by Dovpo x Vaperz Cloud and The Vaping Bogan is new on our shelves after our staff needed something substantial to get them through the day making clouds in the shop. These mods are so good that we’ve started stocking them to pass on the performance to our customers! The Odin mod can dish out 200w from its dual 21700 battery set up. You can also use two 18650s inside a rubber sleeve that comes with the mod, but personally we’d only go with the 21700 options – it’s what the mod is built for!

Charging it up is an absolute blast – personally we keep down times to a minimum with an external battery charger, but the USB-C charge port will full charge your 21700 batteries in a couple of hours!

So what’s in the box?

The amount of thought and care that’s gone into the packaging and the nice extras you get with it shows how much of a great deal the Odin Mod is. Start by sliding the box up out of its sleeve, then drop the bottom out of the box. You’re greeted with your glorious new mod. Take that out of the box and below is a small box with your charging cable (which is also really high quality, as far as cables go). You’ve also got the standard instruction manual but potentially our favourite part of the unboxing, except the mod of course, is the battery sleeves.

If you’re like us you’ll be using different sets of batteries and charging them through a bay charger, and to keep them in their sets you can colour code them. The sleeves are heat shrinking plastic and you get Black, White, Blue, Red, Silver and Clear. To add these to your batteries you have to take off the old wraps first. We recommend following a guide on how to do this because it can be dangerous to mess with your batteries.

Tank Recommendations

For this beast to be in its element, you need a high quality sub ohm tank. Anything else would be a waste of this mod. We recommend the brands of Horizontech, Uwell and very few Smok tanks. We’ll break this up into our top 5 picks for tanks.

Coming in at Number 5 is the Smok V2 tank. The V2 A1 coils are single mesh, best between 110w and 130w. They give good flavour and excellent cloud production and at these high watts, the Odin will breeze through where most other mods (including a fair few Smok mods, embarrassingly) won’t cut it. We’d say flavour is a 3 out of 5 and cloud is a 4.5 out of 5.

Next up at number 4, we’ve got the Zues tank! This is the standard tank amongst GeekVape’s Aegis series of kits such as the Aegis X and Aegis Max. It’s loved by many for its 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm coils, with most preferring the 0.2s for maximum flavour and cloud production, we’d rate flavour a 4 out of 5 and cloud production a 3.5 out of 5. You’ll be running these coils at around 70w-80w which is easily managed by the Odin mod.

In 3rd place is the Falcon King tank which runs Horizontech’s awesome M1 and M1+ coils. Many people prefer the M1 coils for their better flavour compared to the M1+ option. In our experience Falcon tanks are excellent for delivering awesome flavour. Flavour we’d rate as 4 out of 5 and cloud production a 3.5 out of 5.

In 2nd place is another Horizontech tank – the Sakerz Tank! This is basically everything horizontech learned from their Falcon range, made better. Flavour’s better, it’s leak proof, airflow is both smoother and quieter. Coil life is about the same but they’re easier to install. We’d say flavour is 4.5 out of 5, cloud production is a 4 out of 5. The only downside to this tank is trying to swap the glass out for bubble glass. The original acrylic tank has to be unscrewed and disassembled before you can slide the bubble glass on. On the 0.16 ohm single mesh coils you’ll be running them at 70w which the Odin will breeze through.

And in first place, there’s the legendary Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro tank! In our opinion this is the absolute best tank you can equip your Odin mod with. It’s main selling point is the coil. The coil life is absolutely fantastic – we once got 5 weeks out of a single coil (compared to going through a full 3 pack of V2 coils in a week and a half). We’d only ever opt for the Single mesh, these are 0.32ohm coils best between 90w and 100w and they’re going to give you amazing flavour and excellent cloud production. This is the only tank we know of that we’d score 5 out of 5 for both cloud production and flavour. The Pro version of the tank uses the same coils as the standard Valyrian 2 tank, but has a wider mouth piece (810) and even better airflow which leads to bigger clouds and a nice, cool vape.

The Odin Mod Tested

We’ve taken our top 5 picks for tanks and put them head to head to give you a test. We haven’t focussed on coil life as that’s more for an in depth look at the tanks themselves, we’re focussing on our Odin Mod today. That said, we’ll add a rating for coil life instead of a specific puff count.

Smok V2 Tank on the Odin 200w Mod
Coil Used: V2-A1 Single Mesh Coil 0.17ohm
Wattage used: 130w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Puffs on one battery cycle: 520 (on average)
Coil Life: 2.5/5

GeekVape Zeus Tank on the Odin 200w Mod
Coil Used: Z2 Coil 0.2ohm
Wattage used: 70w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Puffs on one battery cycle: 769 (on average)
Coil Life: 3/5

Horizontech Falcon King Tank on the Odin 200w Mod
Coil Used: Falcon M1 Coil 0.16ohm
Wattage used: 70w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Puffs on one battery cycle: 623 (on average)
Coil Life: 3/5

Horizontech Sakerz Tank on the Odin 200w Mod
Coil Used: Single Mesh 0.16ohm
Wattage used: 70w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Puffs on one battery cycle: 688 (on average)
Coil Life: 3.5/5

UWELL Valyrian 2 Pro Tank on the Odin 200w Mod
Coil Used: Single Mesh Valyrian 2 coil 0.32 ohm
Wattage used: 100w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Puffs on one battery cycle: 814 (on average)
Coil Life: 5/5

From this, there’s actually a clear winner! The Valyrian 2 Pro tank gives the best flavour, the best cloud production and will last the longest on a charge of batteries.

Ongoing maintenance

For the Odin Mod there isn’t much in terms of maintenance. We’d recommend getting an external charger for your batteries – they charge more evenly than most mods and they’re handy for swapping batteries out on the fly. If you’re charging your batteries in the mod itself, which is more than viable with its USB-C charge port, then get your mod on charge when you get to the last battery bar to keep your batteries healthy.

For more tips on getting the most out of your coils you can read our blog post about it here!

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