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The PockeX by Aspire is one of our best selling vape pens, and it’s not hard to see why so many people love this kit. As soon as you unbox it you’ll understand what the fuss is about – it’s simple 1-button style design and its simple, clean aesthetics make it one of the best looking vapes we offer. It might look simple, but there’s a few design choices here that we absolutely love. It’s airflow is at the top of the 2ml tank, so it’s practically leakproof. When you change the coil you screw it into the top of the tank rather than the bottom, this means that you can change your coil with a full tank of juice!

So what’s in the box?

The box design has actually changed recently, so you’ll either get a black box where the back half drops out, or a white box where the bottom slides out of a sleeve. Inside it’s very simple, you get your PockeX already fully assembled on one side and your box of accessories on the other. Inside the accessories box you’ll get your charging wire and a spare coil, making it two coils you get in the box as one’s already inside the PockeX.

Behind these you’ll find your instruction manual which will tell you how to operate the PockeX. It’s very simple to use though, 5 clicks to turn it on, 5 clicks to turn it off.

The PockeX Coils

This is where the fun starts for the PockeX, because the coils are 0.6ohm. That’s right, this stylish little pen is actually a sub ohm mod in disguise! You can also get 1.2ohm coils if you’re wanting something that’s more similar to a smoking experience than a fog machine, but we prefer and stock the 0.6’s.

We recommend using juices around 60%/70% VG for this kit – 70% for the 0.6ohm coil and 60% for the 1.2ohm coils. This will land you in the sweet spot between 10mls and shortfills. If you’re looking for high nicotine and you’re quitting smoking then use the 1.2ohm coils and stick with 10mls such as Vampire VapeQCigVape 5050 or Ultimate Puff. If you’re wanting to upgrade or go straight into big clouds then use the 0.6ohm coil and you’re free to get into the 50ml and up bottles with a lower strength, such as EZ Vape, Kingston, Vampire Vape Shortfill and so on!

How to change the coil

Changing the coil in a PockeX is probably one of the easiest coil changes we’ve done. Simply unscrew the top where the mouthpiece is, the same way you’d add juice. The coil will come out with the top – simply unscrew the old coil and screw in a new one! It’s important to check which side of the coil you’re screwing in – the side with the hole in the middle is the side that screws into the top, this is where your vape comes out and into your lungs.

When you’re adding juice, pay close attention to the fill line that’s on the right side of the glass windows. Don’t go over this line as this gives you enough space to add the coil. If you overfill then juice will flow out when you screw the coil back in.

When you first use the kit, and with every coil change afterwards, add your juice by unscrewing the top where the mouthpiece is and pouring the juice up to the fill line. Screw the top back on and let it stand for 5 minutes for the cotton inside the coil to suck up the juice and replace the air. After this you’re good to go! Fill the tank up when the tank’s around halfway full to keep the coils sufficiently juicy.

The PockeX Battery

The Pockex’s battery is 1500mAh which with a 0.6ohm coil can keep you going throughout the day. When it’s time to charge, the LED indicator will turn red, indicating there’s less than 30% battery life left. While the PockeX features passthrough charging, meaning you can vape while the kits on charge but we’d try and stay away from doing this to keep the batteries lifespan as it’s max – if you’re not using the vape for a while just stick it on charge for a bit and you won’t be caught out without a vape. Alternatively just charge it back up on an evening!

The PockeX features a safety cutoff for the fire button – it’ll cut out after 10 seconds if you hold down the fire button, though you’d probably not even need to hold it in for half of that time.

When charging the kit make sure you’re using a USB plug that only gives out 5V/1Amp as smartphone chargers could damage the battery. Alternatively, laptops, USB2.0 slots in computer towers and TVs are all fine to use!

Ongoing maintenance

We recommend changing the coil either after 14 days, or when the coil’s performance is lowered. This could be a lack of flavour or a burnt taste. If you’re using strong flavoured juices or a high nicotine strength you may not notice these changes, so a little past that and the kit will stop being able to fire the coil anyway. Your device might stop firing when the coil has degraded too far – when you push the button to use the PockeX, the light will just flash instead. This means the coil has degraded too far to use and the resistance is altered too much. This is the final step you can get to before changing the coil but it’s always best to swap it out before then.

You can make the coil last longer by waiting for the cotton to soak up juice every time you change the coil – this means it’s fully primed and there’s no dry cotton to burn. You can also get more life out of the coil by not using it as much – if you’re working from home then keep your vape in a different room and go there for “vape breaks” instead of having it around you constantly. When using the vape, wait at least 5 seconds between taking hits to give the coil a chance to fully soak up more juice ready for the next hit. Avoid using the PockeX when the battery’s low – as soon as the red light comes on get it charged to keep it sending optimal power to the coil.

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