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The T18E is the staple in the Endura Range of vapes by Innokin. As soon as you get it out of the box you see what makes this pen style vape so popular with newcomers to the vaping world. It’s ease of use and simple design is something shared among many pen style vapes, but the T18E balances this well while having a stylish design and there’s a few things that push this to the forefront of popular starter vapes.

So what’s in the box?

The box comes with a card sleeve, push the box up to remove it and lift the magnetic flap to open it. Inside the box you’re met with a guide of what’s included in the box as well as a diagram depicting each part of the vape. The illustration also explains how to fill the tank, though it’s pretty straight forward!

On the other half of the box you’ll see the battery portion of the T18e, the assembled tank (with a 2ml capacity), which comes with a coil pre-installed, and a box of goodies. This box contains the charging wire, a spare coil, an instruction manual, two other drip tips and spare “O” rings that create the seals around your tank. You also get a plastic stand for your vape to avoid keeping it stood up precariously – avoiding the potential of knocking it over!

The T18E Coils

The T18E uses 1.5ohm coils, you get one in the kit so that it’s ready for juice straight out of the box. You also get a spare inside the box. Because the coils are a 1.5ohm this makes them more similar to smoking cigarettes, with a tight draw that’s mouth to lung. The coil gives great flavour but won’t create huge clouds.

We recommend using juices of 60%VG and lower for this kit to help keep the coils soaked and avoid dry hits and keep coil life as long as possible. We recommend the Vampire Vape range of juices, or Qcig and Ultimate Puff. If you’re going for 3mg in strength then the Basix MTL range is an excellent choice for cost effectiveness. When the coil does come to the end of its life it’s time to change the coil.

Changing the T18E coil

To replace the T18E’s coil, unscrew the tank from the battery. On the bottom of the tank where it screws into the battery there’s an end cape over the coil that keeps it in place – unscrew that. The coil will then pull out and you can place another in. Be sure to line up the notches – the coils are flat on the sides and this helps them sight tightly in the tank. screw the cover back over it to hold it in place and then screw the tank back onto the battery section.

When you first use the kit, and with every coil change afterwards, add your juice by unscrewing the top where the mouthpiece is and pouring the juice around the sides of the coil. Screw the top back on and let it stand for 5 minutes for the cotton inside the coil to suck up the juice and replace the air. After this you’re good to go! Fill the tank up when the tank’s around halfway full to keep the coils sufficiently juicy.

The T18E battery

The T18E’s battery is 1000mAh which can keep you going throughout the day as the battery delivers 14w of regulated output. When it’s time to charge the LED indicator will turn red, indicating there’s less than 20% battery life left. While the T18E features passthrough charging, meaning you can vape while the kits on charge but we’d try and stay away from doing this to keep the batteries lifespan as it’s max – if you’re not using the vape for a while just stick it on charge for a bit and you won’t be caught out without a vape. Alternatively just charge it back up on an evening!

When charging the kit make sure you’re using a USB plug that only gives out 5V/1Amp as smartphone chargers could damage the battery. Alternatively, laptops, USB2.0 slots in computer towers and TVs are all fine to use!

Ongoing maintenance

We recommend changing the coil either after 14 days, or when the coil’s performance is lowered. This could be a lack of flavour or a burnt taste. If you’re using strong flavoured juices or a high nicotine strength you may not notice these changes, so a little past that and the kit will stop being able to fire the coil anyway. Your device might stop firing when the coil has degraded too far – when you push the button to use the T18E, the light will just flash instead. This means the coil has degraded too far to use and the resistance is altered too much. This is the final step you can get to before changing the coil but it’s always best to swap it out before then.

You can make the coil last longer by waiting for the cotton to soak up juice every time you change the coil – this means it’s fully primed and there’s no dry cotton to burn. You can also get more life out of the coil by not using it as much – if you’re working from home then keep your vape in a different room and go there for “vape breaks” instead of having it around you constantly. When using the vape, wait at least 5 seconds between taking hits to give the coil a chance to fully soak up more juice ready for the next hit. Avoid using the T18E when the battery’s low – as soon as the red light comes on get it charged to keep it sending optimal power to the coil.

For more tips on getting the most out of your coils you can read our blog post about it here!

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