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The Arc 5 by TECC is one of our best selling starter kits, and while it’s almost twice the price of low end starter pens, it begs the question – What makes it so popular? It’s time for another unboxing!

Well what makes it special compared to it’s competitors in the MTL (new vaper) league is firstly, it’s huge battery. When you compare the Arc 5’s 2200mAh battery with something like the Smok Nord’s 1100mAh or the T18E’s 1300mAh batteries then it’s already a no brainer! It’s also Variable Wattage, meaning you can turn it up and down. Most starter kits don’t have this feature, and typically the closest you’ll get is 3 power settings that you change with the click of a button, like the T22 Pro kits. It also has an OLED screen to show you the battery level, your wattage, the coil resistance and the last use time (puff time). Honestly, the only thing that could make this kit better would be a USB C charge port, but seeing as though the Arc 5 has been around quite a while now, it’s not surprising that there isn’t one on there.

So what’s in the box?

When you open the box you’re immediately greeted with your new kit already assembled with a coil in, ready to go! Taking the kit out of the protective foam and pulling the foam up by the tab, we’ve got a user manual and a charging cable. Interesting to note is that you don’t get a spare coil in the kit, just the one that comes pre-fitted for you. It’s probably worth buying a few coils when you purchase the kit because of this. Even with the charging cable we see the impressive build quality! The arc 5 battery portion is very well made, even the battery we’ve seen people last years! The tank, maybe not. The CS Slim tank that comes with the kit is largely glass, with aluminium base and top. It’s all flush so when you knock over your vape it’s known that the glass can break and unfortunately, not many places sell spare glass. The tanks themselves are quite cheap though, ours are £13, so an unfortunate break isn’t going to set you back much. Another benefit of the big battery though, is that it’s quite sturdy on its base. Accidents do happen but you’re less likely to knock something over with a heavy base!

The Arc 5 Coils

The Arc 5 uses 1.5ohm CS coils, or 1.5ohm GS coils. CS coils come in a 2 pack in a little green box and work out slightly more expensive than the GS Air coils from Eleaf. The GS Air coils come in 5 packs or are sold separately in our physical stores and the performance seems to be about the same. We’d say between one and two weeks a coil when you’re using it at the recommended 10-15 watts.

How to change the coil

The coil change in the Arc 5 is kind of standard amongst bigger sized kits. If you’ve used sub-ohm kits before then it’s a process you’ll be familiar with. Start by taking the tank off the battery by unscrewing it counter clockwise. The bottom of the tank is where the coil is housed – unscrew that counter clockwise and the base will come off with the coil inside it. Simply unscrew the coil and replace it with a new one, then reassemble the tank before you put it back on the battery.

If you’re a bit rough with your vape, you can cross thread the tank and the base. We’ve seen customers who prefer to disassemble the tank while it’s still on the battery portion in an attempt to counter this, leaving the base in the battery. This comes with its own issues though in that when you screw the tank back together you’re also screwing the base harder and harder into the battery which can damage the pin that sends power to the coil. In our experience, just not being rough with it is fine. Everything should be finger tight, no need for vice-like grips with this kit!

The Arc 5 Tested

Honestly there isn’t much to test with the Arc 5 – there’s only one ohm coil you can use. Whether you use the CS or GS coils, they’re still 1.5ohms so battery life will be similar and typically coil life will be slightly more with the CS coils, which is reflected in the cost.

That said, we can still put that huge battery to test!

The battery is 2200mAh, which is much higher than almost all starter kits. Let’s say you run that at 12w, which is right in the middle of its recommended wattage. That’s going to net you around 1866 puffs on a single charge, which is absolutely staggering when you think that a Drag X running it’s staple 0.15ohm coil will only give 260ish puffs on a single 18650 battery.

Even if you bump up the wattage to a whopping 15w, or the highest the 1.5ohm coil is rated for, you’re still going to get around 1669 puffs. The Arc 5 will definitely keep you going all day, and potentially 2 or 3 days depending on how much you vape!

Ongoing maintenance

We recommend changing the coil either after 14 days, or when the coil’s performance is lowered. This could be a lack of flavour or a burnt taste. If you’re using strong flavoured juices or a high nicotine strength you may not notice these changes, so a little past that and the kit will stop being able to fire the coil anyway. The Arc 5 allows you to monitor the ohms of your coil at any given time – you might notice the reading change from 1.5ohm to something like 1.3ohm or 1.2ohm when your coil is almost ready for the bin.

You can make the coil last longer by waiting for the cotton to soak up juice every time you change the coil – this means it’s fully primed and there’s no dry cotton to burn. You can also get more life out of the coil by reducing the wattage as we’ve shown in our test, or simply not using it as much. If you’re working from home then keep your vape in a different room and go there for “vape breaks” instead of having it around you constantly. When using the vape, wait at least 5 seconds between taking hits to give the coil a chance to fully soak up more juice ready for the next hit. Avoid using the Arc 5 when the battery’s low – as soon as the red battery icon comes on get it charged to keep it sending optimal power to the coil.

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