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The Drag Max By VooPoo is one of the newcomers that we’re excited by. It’s essentially the Drag X with a few tweaks. Where the Drag X is a more portable, fit-in-your-pocket style vape due to its single slot for 18650 batteries, the Drag Max lets you double up. It’s dual 18650s are sure to keep you chugging clouds all day when you’re rocking the 0.15ohm coils. This was one of the draw backs of the Drag X – it’s a brilliant vape but you’ll be sticking it on charge before your evening’s up.

This isn’t the case with the Drag Max though, and we’ve tested out a kit to see exactly what the performance is like!

We’ll quickly dive into some nice to haves first. The Drag Max, like the drag X has smart control over your wattage. This ensures you’re not frying your coil before you’ve used it and it automatically sets the wattage to a recommended wattage when you put a new coil in. It’ll also stop you from firing too high, but you can turn this feature off by pressing the fire button 3 times.

Helpfully, it keeps a puff counter going. You can use this to track coil performance, or just consider it a high score – up to you! You can reset the counter by pressing the down button and the fire button at the same time. Lock the device by pressing the up button and the fire button at the same time.

Hold the up and down buttons for a second and you’re given the option to change the theme. The upright theme is called “Iron” and the side profile, which looks very “Tony Stark”, is called “Core”. Hold the fire button for a couple of seconds to select which option you’d like.

So what’s in the box?

Let’s start with the unboxing and see what comes in the box. The box is filled with two parts, the top part is the kit in foam packaging and the bottom part is your box of accessories. The Drag Max comes with a 2ml pod, as that’s EU standard for all tanks. You can however get 4.5ml pods, and we stock them! Same size, same fitting, just taller to allow more juice in.

Inside the box underneath you get the instructions, a charging cable and two coils:
– 1x PnP-VM5 0.2ohm
– 1x PnP-VM6 0.15ohm

The Charger wire you get is a USB C type cable – meaning you get fast charge, just like the Drag X! Bear in mind you’ll only get fast charge through the cable if you use a fast charge plug – sticking the cable in a laptop’s USB 2.0 port will limit it to USB 2.0 power. Use a USB 3 slot wherever possible (typically these are blue), or stick with a smart phone USB plug.

The Drag Max Coils

Like we’ve said, the Drag Max comes with the 0.2ohm and the 0.15ohm coils but you’re not limited to these. The coils it comes with are the best in our opinion, but we like clouds. All PnP coils fit the Drag Max Pods, just like they do for the Drag Refresh Editions, the Drag X, the Drag S, the Argus GT, the Argus Air and of course, the PnP tanks. Basically anything VooPoo has come out with over the past year. The PnP coils are:

  • PnP VM1 – 0.3 ohm mesh
  • PnP VM5 – 0.2 ohm mesh
  • PnP VM6 – 0.15 ohm mesh
  • PnP TM1 – 0.6 ohm mesh
  • PnP R1 – 0.8 ohm
  • PnP R2 – 1.0 ohm

How to change the coil

Changing the coil in the Drag Max, or any PnP pod, couldn’t be easier! The pod’s held in by magnets, simply grip the mouth piece and pull it out. You’ll see a round hole in the middle, that’s where your coils go. Simple push the coil in! The rubber O rings keep it in place making it a push/pull type of coil.

When you want to change the coil, just pull out the old coil. This can be tricky as there’s not much to grab on to – we’ve found that prying it out with a thumbnail till you can grab hold of it works fine.

Beware that when you’re changing coils it’s best to do it on an empty or almost empty tank – if you’ve got a full tank then your juice is going to pour out of the mouth piece and the hole left by the coil.

Filling the tank is just as easy – there’s a rubber flap on the bottom of the pod next to the coil, pull that up and there’s the fill hole!

The Drag Max Tested

This is usually the part of the post where we talk about battery life and things, but since this is the first external battery mod we’ve looked at on OUTTHEBOX we’ve given it a test run.

We unboxed a brand new Drag Max, and threw in two brand new VAPCELL K25 18650 Batteries then charged it to full.

Testing the coils, we chose the 0.15ohm coil to go with as this is the most popular coil with the Drag X that we’ve been selling for months now, and it’s probably the reason people would switch from the X to the Max as the battery life will support all day vaping.

The coil is rated for 60w-70w, so we started in the middle at 65w. Out of two full batteries we got 483 puffs at 65w. This was from full to complete drain – or when the mod stops powering all together. In terms of time span, as someone who spends their day mostly vaping while I scroll through website code, it took me around 13 hours of casual vaping. I’d say for the regular person with a job that doesn’t allow them to act like a chimney this would definitely last longer than a day.

The juice I used for this testing was Fizzy Kola – something delicious but not very good for coils. Also when topping up the tank I waited until the juice level was halfway below the top of the cotton. It’s good practice to top up your tank when the level reaches the top of the cotton holes but I kept it going to really put the coils to the test. As such, take these stats with a pinch of salt – this is kind of a worst case scenario for coil life and most people will probably get better stats than this. At around 650 puffs the flavour was noticeably reduced, but the coil kept going up til around 1089 puffs on the counter until it wasn’t pleasant to vape with anymore. It wasn’t fully burnt, but it wasn’t enjoyable. There was probably around 50-100 more until it was fully burnt out.

After the 65w run I turned it up to 70w. Still topping up the tank when there was dregs of juice left and still using Fizzy Kola. This time the flavour dropped off around 735 puffs. This is longer than the 65w run on the same type of coil, and this could be down to more vape being produced and masking the reduced quality of the flavour. This is likely, because around 60 puffs later at 797, the coil gave in and burnt out. We’d expect a reduced coil life while firing at higher wattages, so these stats make sense.

In short:
Loss of flavour: 65w – 650 puffs / 70w – 735 puffs (+85 to 70w)
Coil Life: 65w – 1089 puffs / 70w – 797 puffs (+292 to 65w)

Now on to the batteries. Using a USB3 slot in the PC, the two 18650 batteries took 2 hours and 23 minutes to fully charge from when the mod stops firing (around 6-9% battery level) to 100%. If you’re using a fast charge plug this time will be reduced, and if you’re plugging it into a TV or USB2 slot on a laptop for example, this will take longer.

Ongoing maintenance

We recommend changing the coil either after 14 days, or when the coil’s performance is lowered. This could be a lack of flavour or a burnt taste. If you’re using strong flavoured juices or a high nicotine strength you may not notice these changes, so a little past that and the kit will stop being able to fire the coil anyway. The Drag Max allows you to monitor the ohms of your coil at any given time – you might notice the reading change when your coil is almost ready for the bin.

You can make the coil last longer by waiting for the cotton to soak up juice every time you change the coil – this means it’s fully primed and there’s no dry cotton to burn. You can also get more life out of the coil by reducing the wattage as we’ve shown in our test, or simply not using it as much. If you’re working from home then keep your vape in a different room and go there for “vape breaks” instead of having it around you constantly. When using the vape, wait at least 5 seconds between taking hits to give the coil a chance to fully soak up more juice ready for the next hit. Avoid using the Drag Max when the battery’s low – as soon as the red battery icon comes on get it charged to keep it sending optimal power to the coil.

For more tips on getting the most out of your coils you can read our blog post about it here!

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