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OUTTHEBOX – VooPoo Drag X vs Drag S

The VooPoo Drag X and Drag S have long been a popular shout in all of our stores. They’re pretty much identical, but one comes with an internal battery (Drag S) and the other requires an 18650 battery (Drag X). Aside from that, the Drag X will allow the PnP VM6 coil, which is a 0.15ohm coil, whereas the drag S will not. We thought it’d be fun to compare the two!

To kick things off, let’s sing the praises of both kits. They both use VooPoo’s awesome PnP coils and they both come with the pod to fit them. The 2ml pod is acrylic, so drops and knocks are far less likely to break the tank than if it were glass (we wouldn’t recommend testing it though). The pod is held in by strong magnets, so it’s not going to fall out in your pocket over time with wear the way pods held in by friction do, such as the Smok Nord Pods.

We also stock the 4.5ml pods, which are also acrylic. Obviously they hold more juice, but the added pressure inside the pod thanks to more juice means that coils soak up the juice slightly quicker. We sell the pods as a two pack (you can buy them here), which also means you can switch juices on the fly without having to vape through the previous juice first. We have a staff member who vapes CBD juice too, so being able to switch from nicotine juice through the day to CBD juice on a night is a really good selling point for him. This also means that if you do break a pod (we’ve never actually seen this happen yet), you can buy a new pod for cheap instead of having to replace a full tank.

They both charge through USB C which gives you much faster charging times, which we absolutely love to see! They’re very affordable sub-ohm kits with both being similar in price – the Drag X works out cheaper in our stores to account for the extra cost of a battery.

So what’s in the box?

The box slides out of its cover which displays the colour of the kit you’ve bought. Inside you’ll find your new kit, an instruction manual, a USB C charging cable and two coils.

The coils are different depending on which kit you’ve bought. The Drag X comes with a VM1 (0.3ohm) coil and a VM6 (0.15ohm) coil, but since the Drag S can’t handle the VM6 coil, you get a VM5 coil instead, which is a 0.2ohm coil and is the lowest coil this vape will support.

VooPoo PNP Coils

Here’s the fun part – there’s a huge range of coils to spoil yourself with. Like we’ve stated, the VM6 0.15ohm (60w-80w) coils will only work in the Drag X, but aside from those we’ve got:
VM5 – 0.2ohm coils (40w-60w)
VM1 – 0.3ohm coils (32w-40w)
TM1 – 0.6ohm coils (20w-25w)
R1 – 0.8ohm coils (12w-18w)
R2 – 1ohm coils (10w-15w)

While we wouldn’t recommend the 0.8ohm or the 1ohm coils for these kits, you can use them and they will work. VooPoo also created an MTL pod, which do fit with these kits but are sold separately. These pods are more suited to the R1 and R2 coils. The most popular coils are the VM6, VM5 and VM1 coils, and we’ll compare their performance further down!

Changing the coil

Changing a PNP coil couldn’t be easier. Simply pull to remove the pod on top, which is held in by magnet. From there you’ll see the big hole in the middle of the pod, that’s where your coil goes. They’re a simple Push n Pull (It’s why they’re called PnP coils) fit so there’s no unscrewing or tank disassembly required – just don’t remove a coil with a full tank of juice without some kitchen roll close by, as you’ll find that full tank quickly becomes an empty tank.

The Battery Options

The Drag S comes with an internal 2600mAh battery, whereas the Drag X requires an external battery (basically, battery sold separately for the X) but both will fast charge through USB C.

We prefer to unlock the extra coil option with the Drag X with its external battery, though these are typically 2500mAh, so in this case, purely going by battery capacity, the Drag S wins with its +100 mAh.

VooPoo: The Battle between Drag X and Drag S

Right, let’s dig into the head to head. Here’s the performance of both kits, and what you can expect from them. For these tests we’ve averaged a 1.5 second puff time, and we’re running each coil at their recommended highest wattage. We’ve tested the 0.15ohm VM6 coil in the X, but this is just a nice to know – the real comparison is the VM5 and VM1 coils, or the 0.2ohm and 0.3ohm coils.

PnP VM6 – 0.15ohm coil
Kit: VooPoo Drag X
Best between: 60w – 80w
Ran at: 80w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Total puffs on one battery: 260

PnP VM5 – 0.2ohm coil
Kits: VooPoo Drag X and VooPoo Drag S
Best between – 40w – 60w
Ran at: 60w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Total puffs on one battery (Drag X): 346
Total Puffs on one battery (Drag S): 360

PnP VM1 – 0.3ohm coil
Kit: VooPoo Drag X and VooPoo Drag S
Best between: 32w – 40w
Ran at: 40w
Puff Duration: 1.5 seconds
Total puffs on one battery (Drag X): 519
Total Puffs on one battery (Drag S): 540

Coil life overall will be very similar between kits as they’re the same chip, running the same coils at the same wattage. You can expect flavour to go around 800-900 puffs and the coil to burn around 900-100 puffs depending on the juice you’re using. If you’re vaping something sweet or dark in colour, expect less lifespan.

So in conclusion, performance wise the Drag S is actually the best performer and this is purely down to that extra 100mAh battery capacity. But does that make it the best option?

Well not necessarily. Personally, us at Smooth Vapourz prefer the Drag X, because there’s more benefits. This includes being able to use the VM6 coils, even if you don’t plan to use them it’s just a nice to have. The main benefit though is the battery.

Although the Drag S has a higher mAh battery than a standard 18650 battery, once that battery degrades then it’s time to buy a new kit. With the Drag X though, you just buy a new battery and keep it going. In that same breath though, battery degradation usually takes years unless you’re draining it to zero daily, so this might not be a strong reason to go for the X. With that said though, the removable battery option also means that if you prefer to chain vape all day every day, leaving little room for charging, then you can buy an external battery charger and have batteries there as backups on charge.

For these reasons we’d personally opt for the Drag X over the Drag S, but it’s a really close call. A better shout all together would be option for a Drag Max instead – the 2 battery version of the Drag X.

Ongoing maintenance

You can make the coil last longer by waiting for the cotton to soak up juice every time you change the coil – this means it’s fully primed and there’s no dry cotton to burn. This essentially means waiting 5 minutes for a brand new coil to soak up the juice before you start using the kit. You can also get more life out of the coil by not using it as much – if you’re working from home then keep your vape in a different room and go there for “vape breaks” instead of having it around you constantly.

When using the vape, wait at least 5 seconds between taking hits to give the coil a chance to fully soak up more juice ready for the next hit. Avoid using the Drag X or Drag S when the battery’s low – as soon as you’re on the last battery bar, get it charged to keep it sending optimal power to the coil. You’ll also keep your battery healthy too, making that last longer (more important in the S as a degraded battery in that means a new kit).

For more tips on getting the most out of your coils you can read our blog post about it here! Or, to learn how to get the most out of your juice, read about that here!

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