CBD Extracts and Supplements

CBD Extracts are the higher strength form we offer with CBD. It involves more prep time, as you have to warm up the Extract before taking it in the case of the 41.5% or 83% extracts. Other extracts such as Original Alternatives 1400mg extract comes as a paste, you can simply add this to food. 

CBD Capsules are an alternative form to taking CBD as oil, or drops. Where the oil is placed under your tongue to quickly release the CBD into your bloodstream, the capsules are digested instead. This means that they can take longer to get to work, as they have to travel through the digestive system until the capsule is broken down and the CBD can be absorbed, but might be a better option for those wanting to take a pill, instead of rubbing the chemical under their tongue, or inhaling it through vaping. 

Another reason for taking Capsules over our other products for CBD is that it takes longer and has a slower release. This means that for things like anxiety, you can expect a lower level of anxiousness throughout the whole day, rather than a stronger effect for a shorter time. Or if you’re in pain, you can expect the CBD capsules to work like paracetamol or ibuprofen (which you can also take at the same time, CBD doesn’t react with either of these medications) where for a longer time you can hold down that pain, rather than eradicating it completely for a short time. 

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