Vape Kits

When looking for a new vape kit you’ll fall into one of two categories – you’re either relatively new to vaping and looking for an MTL kit, or you’ve been vaping a while and are on to DTL kits. 

MTL stands for Mouth To Lung – these are the beginner kits and pens aimed towards those wishing to quit smoking. They have high resistance coils, operate at low wattage and work best with thin ratios of juice (50/50 mixes). The juice they use can also contain higher nicotine levels, anywhere from 3mg to 20mg. This is to suit those recent ex-smokers. 

DTL stands for Direct To Lung. These kits are sub-ohm which means low resistance and high wattage. These kits are for when you’ve broken the nicotine addiction and desire to smoke. If you’re wanting bigger clouds, you want to go Sub Ohm and Direct to Lung.  

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