Vape Tanks

Your Vape tank is responsible for the most enjoyable aspect of the vaping experience – the vape. We can split tanks into 3 sections – MTL, DTL and Pods. 
MTL Stands for Mouth To Lung – Vape Pens usually fall into this category too. Mouth To Lung tanks are suited towards those who’ve recently quit smoking. They provide a small amount of vaping and are designed to use thin juice, with higher nicotine levels. 
DTL stands for Direct To Lung – Big inhales and plenty of vape clouds. You’ll want to use Short Fill juices for these tanks which have Sub Ohm coils (Coils under 1ohms) with at least 70% VG. 
Pods are relatively new to the vape game but devices such as the Drag X has saw to it that DTL clouds can still be achieved with a pod that’s easy to look after and swap out. 

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