MTL (Beginner) Tanks

When you’re new to vaping you’ll be introduced to kits and tanks that specialise in thin juice (50/50 mixes) with stronger nicotine levels. This is the world of MTL vaping. MTL stands for Mouth To Lung, meaning you draw the vape into your mouth before inhaling, similar to smoking. This is in contrast to DTL, or Direct to Lung, where you simply inhale big clouds. 

As stated, MTL tanks are similar to smoking. They have higher resistance coils (around 0.6ohms to 1.5ohms) and are on the lower end of wattage demands. They give out smaller amounts of vape, giving you an experience similar to smoking and are designed for uses wanting to beat the ciggies rather than fog out a room in a heartbeat. 

For MTL Tanks you’ll want thin juices, typically either 50/50 mixes of VG and PG, or 60/40. This is also the kind of tank you’d have higher nicotine levels in (6mg – 20mg). For more info on MTL vaping, visit our Learning Section! 

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