Nic Salt Juice

Nicotine Salts are essentially MTL juices – the same as the other 10mls we offer. The difference is that nic salts are smoother to inhale and don’t give the harsh throat hit that regular, or Freebase, nicotine gives. This means that if you’re used to smoking a lot, but are finding high strength nicotine too harsh on the throat (remember that cigarettes also numb your throat), then Nic Salts are a great way to get your fill of Nicotine without having that Throat Hit! Typically available in either 10mg or 20mg, we also have Element Nic Salts, which also come in 5mg! 

For More info on Nic Salts, how they’re different and why they were made, check out our article on the Learning Section of the website! 

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