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Vape juice – The delicious side of your vape expenses! Here you’ll be able to see every Vape Juice / E-Liquid we offer, from every brand! If you’re wanting thicker juice then select Short Fills from the drop down, if you’re wanting thinner juice you’ll want to head to the 10ml section from the drop down. If you want nicotine salts, you guys have your own section too! 

How do you know which juice you need? We’ve got a post up over on the Learning Section of our site that fully explains it, but as a rule of thumb:
If you’re using a smaller vape kit such as an Arc 5, or a vape pen such as the Endura T18E, you’ll be looking for a ratio of 50% VG and 50% PG, these are typically in the 10ml section (Vampire Blood and Blue Blood are the exceptions) and you’ll find them in a range of nicotine strengths!
If you’ve been vaping a while and you’ve moved up in kits to something like the Vape Pen 22 or anything higher end, you’ll be wanting Vape Juice with at least 70% VG (70/30) and these are all in the Short Fill section. They all come as either 0mg or 3mg when you add a nic shot. These juices are for bigger clouds from higher powered devices!
If you’re using Nic Salts you’ll want to follow a similar suit as the starter kit folk, you’ve got your own section but make sure you’re using coils around 0.6ohms and higher or you’ll be in for a bad time with the nicotine.

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