XTAR – VC2 – 2 Bay Battery Charger LCD Display


XTAR VC2 USB Li-ion Batery LCD Charger

The new VC2 charger from XTAR is a USB compatible e-cig battery charger which is capable of charging a wide variety of battery sizes

1 x VC2 Charger

Reverse polarity detection
Charges 2 batteries simultaneously
Both slots are monitored & charged independently
Soft start technology to prolong battery life
Constant current/voltage charging to keep batteries sustained & steady
Optimized for IMR batteries
Integrated LCD panel displays charging parameters/progress
Identifies bad batteries and notifies you
Intelligent circuitry auto selects type of charge: (0.15A-0.5A)
Auto-detect battery type/status/charge mode
Over-charge prevention protection
Trickle Charge/Constant Current/Constant Voltage mode
Auto-stops charging when complete
Temperature monitoring sensor
Reverse polarity protection
Optimal heat dissipation built into design
USB Charging cord included


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