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The Most Popular Vaping Questions Answered

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We went to the internet to find out what the people want to know all about Vapes, Vaping and E-cigarettes in general. We’ve then curated and answered them for you! Let’s dig right into it. 

How do you charge an E-Cigarette?

With every new kit you get, there’ll be an instruction manual and a charging lead. Most kits are still Micro-USB, but some are USB-C. You can tell which yous is just by looking at the charging port which will be somewhere on the device. If you’ve got a pen style kit then they’re usually on the opposite side of the button, or if its a larger kit with a display, it’s usually under the display. A round top with a flat bottom is micro USB, and a wide charging port with rounded sides is USB C. 
If your device is USB C you’re usually fine to use any plug, including smart phone charger plugs. 
If your device uses Micro USB though, your best off using charging ports under 1 amp. This would be something like a computer’s USB port, or a laptop, tv or games console. Plug sockets with USB ports in them are usually a no go too. This is because they give out too much power for your devices battery to handle which degrades the battery over time. 

Can you use any e-liquid in any vape pen?

The short answer is No. This is down to the juices thickness. When we talk about juice thickness we refer to the main ingredients – Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. VG is thick, PG is thin.
A “thin” liquid will be either a 50/50 or 60/40. This is the percent of each componant meaning that a 50/50 is 50% VG and 50% PG, a 60/40 is 60% VG and 40% PG. 
Small kits such as starter pens like the T18E or PockeX require thin juice, whereas most larger kits require a 70/30 mix or thicker. 
A quick rule of thumb is that if the coil inside the vape you are using is 0.8ohm or over you need a 50/50. A 0.4 to 0.6 you’d be best off with a 60/40 juice and for anything lower then 70/30 will be absolutely fine.

When to change my vape coil / How often should I change my vape coil?

This one largely depends on the kit and the coil. For a GS coil in an Arc 5 tank you may get two weeks, for a Smok V2 tank then an A1 coil may get you 4 days, whereas a Valyrian 2 Coil might get you 3 to 5 weeks. 
As a rule of thumb, on smaller kits you can usually get longer out of them as there isn’t much power going through the coil. 
There’s 3 steps in coil degradation where it’s time to change coils:
– Either when the flavour goes, in which you aren’t getting the full flavour anymore or you can’t taste it as well.
– when the coil starts to taste burnt. If you’ve got a strong flavoured juice then occasionally this isn’t very noticeable.
– When the coil stops working. 

How many Cigarettes is in 10ml of e-liquid?

This one’s kind of hard to answer as there’s different nicotine levels and it’s phrased incorrectly. The idea isn’t to vape more if you smoke 20 a day than someone who smokes 10 a day. You choose the level of nicotine based on how much you smoke. 

If you smoke 20+ you’ll want ideal nic salts at 20mg. 
If you smoke 15-20 a day you’ll want 18mg.
If you smoke 10-15 a day you’ll want 12mg.
If you smoke 5-10 a day you’ll want 6mg.
If you don’t smoke much then you’ll want to start at 3mg.

What is in Vape Juice?

Vape juice has 4 parts – Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavourings and Nicotine. The VG and PG are responsible for the actual vape that’s produced and they create the thickness of the juice. Thicker juice has more VG in it, and results in bigger clouds. 

How to make your own e-cigarette juice?

We don’t recommend making your own vape juice – in theory the materials work out cheaper than buying vape juice but it’s incredibly hard to perfectly mix flavourings into something nice and you have to learn how to steep juice and things. It can be cheaper but it’s a ballache. 
If you want to brave it then you can find recipes online – you’ll need VG and PG as well as the flavourings as well as syringes and various plastic bottles and you can usually find them all on Amazon. Personally we’ve found that the cheapest of the cheap eliquid that you can buy ready made is often better than most DIY juice, unless you have years of experience and a lot of equipment. 

Can you buy nicotine to make your own Vape Juice?

Yep, we sell 10ml bottles of nicotine which comes as 18mg. If you mix one bottle with 50ml of eliquid, then you’ll have 60ml of 3mg or 0.3% nicotine, vape juice.

Can you buy Nicotine Free vape juice?

Also yes. Anything over 10ml has to come nicotine free now in the UK as part of the EU’s PD laws. Most of the time in our stores you get nicotine shots free with each bottle, but online we offer a cheaper option where you don’t get the nicotine – these are all nicotine free. 

Does Vaping make you fat? / Does Vape Juice have calories?

To the first question, no, vaping doesn’t make you fat. But Vape juice does contain calories. The calories come mainly from the base of the juice – the VG and PG. There’s typically around 4-5 calories per ml of vape juice. If you’re a huge sub-ohm cloud chaser who can get through 50ml a day then that’s 250 calories. But this is very rare that someone could vape that much. 

Most people will consume less than 10ml on a starter or MTL kit, and sub-ohmers may get through 20-30ml a day. You could probably burn off the calories from vaping by walking for 15 minutes. 

Is vaping bad for teeth?

It can be, but with regular brushing these effects are almost entirely fixed. For example, eating a bag of crisps would be worse for your teeth as the crisps stick to your teeth until cleaned. Vaping has been said to be far better for your teeth than smoking is. 

Is Sub Ohm vaping bad for lungs?

There’s still a lack of research on this as tests need to be taken long term. That said, it’s already proved that vaping is far better for your health in pretty much all aspects than smoking is. 

Are there trans fats in Vape Juice?

No, vape juice doesn’t contain any form of fats.

Can vaping make you be sick?

It can but this is mainly from the nicotine. If you don’t smoke or vape and you go straight into an 18mg you can become nauseous as your body isn’t used to it. People who start smoking or smoke too much, too quickly also get this and it’s called different things in different places, some call it nicotine rush, or baccy rush. It’s essentially just taking in too much nicotine too quickly which is why we always try to recommend products on a person by person basis. 

Can vaping cause high blood pressure?

Yes, like smoking, vaping can raise your blood pressure. With vaping it raises blood pressure for around 30 minutes before going back down. 

Does vaping give you popcorn lung?

At this point, popcorn lung from vaping is like an urban legend. When vaping first started in the UK and US, everything was unregulated. Some companies focussed on creating perfect flavours and some of the chemicals they used weren’t great quality. Some people did develop popcorn lung from the chemicals however this was mainly in China. For the past decade or so, most of the world has cracked down on the laws around vaping, and all e-liquid in the UK has to go through rigorous testing which was made even stricter through the EU’s TPD laws in order to be approved and allowed onto the market, meaning that any vape juice from a decent brand will be absolutely fine and there’ll be no risk of popcorn lung. 

Is vaping addictive?

Yes, and for two reasons. Firstly, the nicotine most people have in their juice is addictive and it’s what makes smoking addictive too. Secondly though, it’s addictive in that it can become a habitual addiction. This is also what makes smoking really hard to quit by going cold turkey. The act of it itself, regardless of the nicotine, can also be something you miss when you quit. 

Can e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

Yes, in fact it’s the best way to quit and is twice as effective as using both nicotine gum and patches at the same time. We have a whole post on this but it’s easier to quit with vaping because you can slowly lower your nicotine over time and break the habit slowly rather than going cold turkey. 

Do e-cigarettes have nicotine in?

E-cigarettes themselves do not until you add juice that does. Most people add nicotine to their vape juice, but it’s not essential. For example, all of our short fills (bottles over 10ml in size) come nicotine free, with nicotine shots in order to add nicotine. Adding nicotine to vape juice isn’t essential.

Can E-cigarettes explode?

It’s very unlikely unless you’re either damaged your batteries substantially or you’re using an unregulated mod (mods as standard are regulated which means they’ll cut out if there’s any issue with the batteries). Unregulated mods are for if you’re into some serious rebuildable coils and cloud chasing, then you’d specifically look for unregulated mods. If the wrap on the batteries is peeling for example, which would allow them to theoretically touch inside the vape then even if your kit is regulated, this can also cause huge issues. 

They don’t actually explode, it’s more like a very rapid discharge which comes from using damaged batteries or asking too much of your batteries in an unregulated mod. If you notice any tears in the sleeve on your battery, or any dents in the top or bottom of them, then switch them out for new batteries just to be sure but “exploding” batteries are very rare. Look after your kit and you’ll be fine. 

Are Vaping and Smoking the same thing?

No, vaping requires heated juice which creates vape whereas smoking uses actual combustion to burn chemicals which then creates smoke. 

Are Vaping and E-cigarettes the same thing?

Yes. Most people refer to smaller kits and starter pens as “e-cigarettes” and bigger kits as vapes, but they’re basically the same thing – the only difference is how much vape you get our of them. 

Can you take E-cigarettes on a plane?

Yes, in most countries you can take your vape through hand luggage and take up to 100ml of vape juice with you, but you cannot use them on a plane. Be sure to empty your vapes tank before you get on the plane though, as the increase in cabin pressure will result in your tank leaking, and nobody wants that.

Can Smoke detectors pick up vape?

Some do – it depends on how the detector works. Some analyse the air for the by-products of combustion, in which case it wouldn’t pick up vape. However a lot of newer smoke detectors can detect vape. We recommend avoiding any smoke detectors if you’re vaping and try to do it in an open area with ventilation or preferably, outside. 

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