What Happens When Your Quit Smoking?

A timeline of the health benefits when you quit smoking.

There’s a lot of benefits people talk about once they’ve quit smoking. Maybe they’re saving money, or perhaps their sense of smell improved or they just smell better, and obviously, they feel healthier. There’s a lot to talk about on a range of benefits when people stop smoking and make the switch to vaping e-cigarettes. However, did you know these changes can start almost immediately? 

Smoking releases upwards of 7000 chemicals into your body as the tobacco burns. The result of this isn’t just the obvious damage to your lungs, but to your heart, your blood vessels, your reproductive organs and even your bones. However, even if you’ve smoked for many years, you can still reverse the effects of smoking and can experience health benefits from as quickly as 20 minutes afterwards. You’ll continue to see these benefits for years afterwards. 

Let’s start off at 20 minutes. 

20 minutes after your last cigarette is when the health benefits begin – your blood pressure has started to return to normal levels, as has your pulse. Additionally, the fibers in your bronchial tubes that previously didn’t move well due to the exposure of smoke have started moving again. These fibers help more the irritants and bacteria out of the lungs which will reduce your risk for infection. 

8 Hours after your last cigarette.

In the first 8 hours after your last cigarette, your body has started improving. Within these hours the amount of oxygen in your blood has started to return to normal levels even if you’re vaping. This is because the carbon monoxide you get from cigarettes isn’t present in your vape. This time has given your body time to start detoxifying the carbon monoxide that you’ve already inhaled so there’ll be a greater amount of oxygen in your blood, which means you’ll also feel better in many more ways. 

24 hours after your last cigarette.

Wihtin 24 hours after you transition to vaping from smoking, your body has completely gotten rid of all the residual carbon monoxide that was in your system. As well as this, your lungs have now started to detoxify as they’re working on removing the debris and mucus that’s accumulated while you were smoking. 

This is because you’re no longer inhaling the toxins from smoking and adding to what’s already in your body. Your lungs are now taking this opportunity to begin to heal themselves and clean your body.

48 hours after your last cigarette

It’s been 48 hours since you switched to vaping now and your body is continuing to thrive. You’ve noticed that your sense of taste has improved, making food and drink more enjoyable than they have been since you started smoking. As well as taste, you’re now noticing that you can smell better, your smell sense is now keener and you’ve started noticing more smells that you were missing out on when you were smoking. This is down to the receptors in your mouth and nose that were damaged from the toxins in the smoke that are now starting to clear. 

72 hours after quitting.

You’ve noticed all the changes we’ve mentioned after the 48 hour point, but your body’s still improving. You’ve noticed that your breathing is better than it was. This is because the tar that was clogging and irritating your bronchial tubes is wearing down as your lungs are recovering. As they clear, they can begin to relax and you’ll notice that breathing is less difficult. You’ll also notice an improvement in your energy levels. 

3 to 9 months after you quit smoking.

You’ve managed to stay away from tobacco for 3 to 9 months now. You’ve noticed that you aren’t wheezing or coughing and your shallow breathing has either reduced, or has gone completely. Lung function has improved massively and they’ve managed to clear away the dangerous debris that you’d accumulated while smoking. 

5 years after you quit smoking.

Now it’s been 5 years, and the long term effects of quitting smoking are clear. Your breathing is much better and you probably don’t even remember how much of a difference it is from when you were smoking at this point. But your risk of having a heart attack is down to around 50% of what it was while you smoked and it’ll only continue to drop. 

10 years after quitting.

It’s been 10 years now, and as well as that heart attack risk drop after five years, you’re also now only half as at risk of lung cancer as you were while you were smoking. In fact your risk of a heart attack is now roughly the same as someone who’s never smoked. 


The longer you steer clear of tobacco cigarettes, the more you will notice your health improve. Your body will thank you for quitting, as you will feel better overall and your risk for a variety of illnesses will be dramatically reduced. Plus, the people around you will no longer be exposed to the harmful smoke that you used to produce with your cigarettes.

Any of you that are still thinking about quitting smoking and have tried other methods, Vaping should be an option for you. We have growing scientific evidence that shows us, Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking and this is from medical experts. 

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